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Welcome to SwapScene.com, home to the boldest, brightest & freshest swinging community in the UK.

SwapScene is TOTALLY FREE there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES, registered members have FULL use of all facilities and site content.

If you are new to the swinging scene our
friendly and experienced site team and
certified ‘Trusted members’ will help to
guide you through and answer any questions you may have.

Swapscene was custom designed from the
ground up to be a swingers site. If you are
experienced swingers you will appreciate
our mission statement to bring you many new and innovative features, building on the best already found on other swingers sites while still maintaining an environment as free from timewasters, wishful thinkers and 'wannabies' as we can manage.

At Swapscene we intend to bring like minded adults together for fun and friendship. We indulge everyone, whether you are experienced or new to the scene, a single or couple, TV or TS, whatever your persuasion there is something here for all."


All members have access to:
- Powerful and Advanced Member Search Facilities
- Mulitiple Photo Albums on profiles
- Free Swingers Blog on every profile
- Exciting Forums Featuring animated emoticons, embedded photos and even video!
- Create your own social groups with private forums.
- Live Chat and Webcam Rooms
- Advice and Information
- Stories and Fantasies section
- 'SwapMeet' section for short notice encounters
- Agony Aunt Section where you can ask questions anonymously
- Swingers Club Directories and guides with Interactive reviews
And loads more fun stuff.........

What some of our members have to say about swapscene.com:
"..............Many sites claim to be totally free, but are in fact mostly useless for finding or meeting like minded people uness you are willing to pay for the 'extra features'. I think swapscene is the 1st site I've come across that actually lives up to it's promises! Thank You"
"Basically if you already like sites such as fabswingers.com and local-swingers.co.uk then you are gonna love SwapScene!"
"I find the member search facilities on swapscene really powerful. You can find exactly what you are looking for with just a few clicks.................."
"The 'blogs' feature is a great idea"
Why not join up for free today, and see if you agree with them?

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